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Z-Medica Corporation’s longstanding and unwavering commitment to the US Military began with the inception of the company in 2002 when founder, Frank X. Hursey, discovered a novel hemostatic agent. His intention was to get this innovative product into the hands of anybody who could use it to save lives.

Ever since the debut of the very first version of QuikClot, Z-Medica Corporation has been dedicated to providing the US Military with the most powerful and reliable hemostatic agents. Since its exclusive adoption in 2008 by the US Military, QuikClot Combat Gauze has saved hundreds of lives on the battlefield.  Z-Medica Corporation prides itself on our continued contribution to those who serve and protect our country.

After extensive testing by the United States Institute for Surgical Research (USAISR) and the Naval Medical Research Center (NMRC) in 2008 the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (COTCCC) chose QuikClot Combat Gauze as the only hemostatic agent used by all branches of the US Military for treatment of severe hemorrhage.

The Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee changed their guidelines for severe hemorrhage to recommend only QuikClot Combat Gauze as a result of testing that was published in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Trauma, which noted the following:

“The successful results with CG [Combat Gauze] dressing were reported to a joint military committee (Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee) responsible for developing new guidelines for treating wounded soldiers. Based on these results and similar findings by our colleagues at Naval Medical Research Center, the committee has recommended replacing HC [HemCon] bandage with the new dressing. The new Tactical Combat Casualty Care Committee guideline recommends using CG [Combat Gauze] as the first line treatment for life-threatening hemorrhage on external wounds that is not amenable to tourniquet placement.”[i]

Kheirabadi, Bijan S PhD, Scherer, Michael R MA, Escot, J Scot, DVM, et al. Determination of Efficacy of New Hemostatic Dressings in a Model of Extremity Arterial Hemorrhage in Swine. Journal of Trauma. 2009; 67:450-460.
Currently, Combat Gauze is the only product authorized by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC) as the first line treatment for life-threatening hemorrhage.

To purchase QuikClot Combat Gauze for military use please contact Combat Medical Systems
phone: (910) 426-0003

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