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QuikClot Saved a Life Yesterday

Well im convinced now that this stuff actually works...Saturday we we're working on site with my tree guy
and one of the ground guys had a slip with the chainsaw... he was delimbing a tree and the saw jumped somehow and plunged itself into his thigh through the femoral artery. We rushed over to him and saw blood squiting out like a fire hose. I ran to my truck and grabed my medical box and applied quick clot to the wound... now im no doctor but there was no doubt in my mind he wouldve been dead if we didnt use this stuff. For those of you who are unfamiliar it is like a granulated powder... not gonna lie it looks kind of like crushed rock salt. When it mixes with blood it makes like a compression sponge that stops the bleading... when the ambulence arrived the guy told me that all it would have taken was 5 pumps of the heart for him to have bled out and if we hadent have kept him calm he'd be dead. So from now on all my trucks carry it and my tree guy said hed make sure his trucks hace as well... As of today he was in stable condition... he lost alot of blood but the docs said he should be ok. Thank god that it wasnt his time... because his wife just found out she was pregnant... couldve been a really bad way to end the week...