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Pair Injured In Thursday Morning Stabbing
The Gainesville Sun By Karen Voyles Staff writer

A man and a woman were seriously injured during a stabbing early Thursday, police said.

The incident happened at a tent apparently being used by one or more homeless people near the 100 block of SE 11th Ave. around 6 a.m., according to the Gainesville Police Department.

Spokeswoman Corp. Tscharna Senn said the man was the most seriously injured and was taken to Shands at the University of Florida under a trauma alert.

“Our officers who used QuikClot at the scene may have saved his life because he was cut pretty severely,” Senn said. QuikClot is a substance that stops moderate to severe bleeding until additional medical help is available. QuikClot was added to patrol cars about a year ago and has since been used successfully several times, police said.

The woman received lesser injuries and was also taken to Shands.

An investigation was underway to identify the victims, determine what triggered the violent incident, and find the weapon used according to Senn.