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“I first encountered QuikClot at another trade show last year. Then, earlier this spring, my husband and I were boating on the Intercoastal Waterway. My husband jumped overboard in shallow water to look for oysters. Even though he was wearing tennis shoes, one of the sharp edges of an oyster shell cut right through the sole of his shoe and badly cut the ball of his foot. I took out two of the 4 x 4s that I had been given as samples and applied them to the cut. Though bleeding profusely, the bleeding stopped in about two minutes and we were able to get him to proper medical care where he was treated with the application of several butterflies. I don’t know what we would have done if I hadn’t had QuikClot at hand because we were miles away from any available medical care to treat what would have otherwise been a very concerning bleeding incident.”
Marifrances C. Crullo, ARNP
Port Orange, Florida
“I have found QuikClot and combat gauze to work rapidly at controlling heavy bleeding in the injured patient. The product is easy to use. I have not witnessed a product failure.”
Scott G. Sagraves, MD, FACS
Chief, Division of Trauma & Surgical Critical Care
ECU Department of Surgery
Trauma Director
Pitt County Memorial Hospital
Greenville, North Carolina
“As a tactical physician for a municipal police department, I carry QuikClot Combat Gauze and Emergency Dressing gauze sponges on my vest for rapid deployment. I feel confident that I can provide immediate hemorrhage control with these products.   In addition, I ensure that each entry team member is similarly equipped and trained with these products as well. This ensures a “force multiplier” approach to our tactical medical readiness.”
Allan Kuong, DO, FACEP, EMT-P
Brunswick, Maine
“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your quality products. I have used several of your products over the past few years in various settings. I am an emergency physician with several deployments in support of combat operations and I work clinically as a civilian in the US. 
My original experience with QuikClot was during my 2007 deployment to Iraq, where I took care of several patients whose lives had been saved by the product. When I returned from my deployment I was excited to learn about QuikClot ACS as it fixed some of the concerns I had regarding the origianl granular formulation, and I believed I had found the perfect hemostatic agent.
Then came the QuikClot Combat Gauze! I have experience with this during two deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and several civilian clinical scenarios. I have personally used this product on two cases where I believe no other product would have been successful. I carry this in my "medic kit" at all times, including when I head to the hospital for a shift.
While working as the physician on a critical care evacuation team, I applied QuikClot Combat Guaze to a neck and shoulder wound of a foreign soilder. He had an expanding hematoma and required transport via air to facility capable of vascular surgery. In this setting direct pressure and wound packing was not successful, however packing the wound with the Combat Gauze did allow for better control of the bleeding and expanding wound.
While working as an emergency physician in a community hospital, a patient who had recently underwent oropharyngeal surgery came in with uncontrollable hemorrhage from her oropharynx. One of the other physicians was managing this patient when I arrived to work that day. He had apparently attempted several things to control this bleeding, including packing the area with gauze after she was intubated. The patient was being transfused blood and was still bleeding heavily when I walked into the room. The physician's next step was to apply topical thrombin to the area. I had him stand by as I ran to my backpack and grabbed the QuikClot Combat Gauze. I brought this in and we packed her oropharynx with the product and the bleeding was controlled. We were able to stabalize the patient and transfer her to the regional medical center.
I am very impressed with the QuikClot products that I have used over the past few years. In addition, I am impressed by the commitment of Z-Medica to improve their products and their customer support. Thank you for the lives that have been saved and keep up the good work.”
Bret J. Wood, DO
Major, USAF
Board Certified Emergency Physician
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