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Generation 3 - QuikClot® Kaolin Impregnated Gauze
·         After successfully serving the military, law enforcement, and emergency response markets, Z-Medica focused on developing healthcare products
·         Z-Medica developed an innovative new technology that is the backbone to their third generation line of QuikClot products, targeted for use in the healthcare and military arenas
·         Of the new kaolin based products, the first product developed was specifically for the military, QuikClot Combat Gauze
·         The technology in the third generation products is based on kaolin, an earthy white naturally occurring inert mineral that has been known for many years to have clotting properties
·         The innovation is in Z-Medica’s ability to construct a viable delivery method for this material – the ability to impregnate it into nonwoven surgical gauze
·         Each of QuikClot third generation gauze-based products is impregnated with kaolin, which activates factors in the blood, thus triggering the body’s natural coagulation cascade and resulting in rapid coagulation
·         Third generation QuikClot products include:
o    QuikClot Emergency Dressing
o    QuikClot Hemostatic Formula
o    QuikClot Combat Gauze
o    QuikClot Combat Gauze Z-Fold
o    QuikClot TraumaPad
o    QuikClot Interventional
o    QuikClot 2x2
o    QuikClot 4x4
o    QuikClot Combat Gauze TraumaPad

Generation 2 – QuikClot Zeolite "Beanbag"
·         To address the issues with the first generation product (listed below), Z-Medica developed its second generation products: QuikClot ACS+, QuikClot 1st Response, QuikClot Sport, and QuikClot Sport Silver
·         These products differ from the first generation granular product in that rather than granules they feature 2 mm diameter zeolite beads packaged into a porous surgical mesh – this creates products that appear like bean bags
·         The bag format improves the delivery system greatly, it allows the agent to be applied in any direction, allows application against wounds producing very high blood flow, and allows the administrator to apply pressure
·         Also, the zeolite beads contained in these products have been partially hydrated with water, greatly minimizing any heat generation
·         These products were and are still widely used by many law enforcement professionals, and EMS and are being sold in over 20 countries
·         Additionally, QuikClot Sport and QuikClot Sport Silver products have limited availability over the counter in specialty stores
·         QuikClot Sport Silver has antimicrobial properties because of the inclusion of silver ions
Generation 1 - QuikClot® Zeolite Granular

·         QuikClot zeolite granular was first introduced to market in 2002 as a rapid hemostat that could control severe to traumatic bleeding
·         The first generation of the QuikClot zeolite granular product was based on zeolite technology
·         Zeolite, a naturally occurring mineral, has properties that allow even the smallest volume of the substance to be packed with tremendous surface area
·         How does Zeolite stop bleeding?
o    It is able to activate blood platelets and activated platelets aid in hemostasis because they form a plug
o    It also works in conjunction with the body’s natural coagulation cascade, the negative surface potential of the zeolite activates a protein at the very beginning of the contact pathway – this protein activation promotes rapid clotting and strong clot formation
o    Finally, zeolite is able to absorb water from the blood. As the zeolite absorbs the water from the blood, what is left is concentrated amounts of the cellular and large protein components of the blood, which further catalyzes clot formation
·         This first generation of QuikClot zeolite granular was available in a granular powder form that was meant to be poured into the wound
·         This product quickly gained ground and was adopted by the US Navy / Marine Corps for use to combat severe to traumatic bleeding on the battlefield
·         There were several drawbacks and issues associated with this specific product:
o    Zeolite, when in contact with water or blood, initiates an exothermic reaction which had the potential of causing burns to both the patient and the person administering the product if used improperly
o    The granular format was also difficult to work with in the field, granules were often washed away by the blood, blowing in the wind, and overall could be a messy application
QuikClot’s first generation granular product saved many lives and made a difference on the battlefields.  The granular zeolite products have been replaced by the kaolin-based line of products.
QuikClot zeolite granular product was discontinued in 2008 and is no longer available for purchase
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